Bad boy 7 lb

2-3 Days
  • Rp. 845,000

Bad Boy Ultimate Whey Protein combines high quality micro-filtered, fast and slow release Proteins to fuel your muscles for hours after initial consumption.

Each serving contains 22g of pure Whey Protein, with lactalbumen and immunoglobulins, key proteins for muscle growth and repair.

A revolutionary Complete Protein, this formula contains BCAAs in the form of Glutamic Peptides, a hugely anticatabolic amino acid that offers a multitude of benefits including rapid recovery and increased immune function. More importantly, Gluatmine also effectively prevents muscle depletion.

Thispeptide-bonded structure is absorbed very well by the body, making it more beneficial than protein products with added L-Glutamine, resulting in more of the Glutamine actually being used.

This makes Ultimate Whey Protein the ideal choice to take at any time of day; as a pre-workout, in the morning or before bed.

Bad Boy’s added micronutrient complex will also improve immune function, increase mental focus and overall wellbeing. The low fat, low sugar, Gluten Free formula is ideal for Coeliacs or those following a low carbohydrate diet.

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